Philipp Maurer

This was a long year. Much changed in my life. The last entry on this site is from 2017. But I had many projects in this year. I got my bachelor degree and I'm a freelancer now. Maybe I'll make entrys for a couple of the projects soon. Until then, I give you a little overview of the things happened in 2018.

Video related projects in chronically order:

  • 01/27: Prunksitzung TV Mainzlar (camera operator)
  • 03/17 - 03/18: Sixpash Live Session (camera operator)
  • 03/25: Pilot for a latenight show (camera operator)
  • 06/22 - 06/23: Nerf Dart Blaster League @ You, Berlin (camera operator)
  • 07/10 - 09/06: Intro Videos for groth marketing SUMMIT (animator)
  • 07/19 - 07/22: Rock am Stück Metal Festival (camera operator)
  • 08/18: Firebeazz @ Gießener Stadtfest (camera operator)
  • 08/24 - 08/25: Nerf Dart Blaster League @ Gamescom, Cologne (camera operator)
  • 09/28 - 09/29: Papalala Festival (camera operator)
  • 11/27: Nele Neuhaus Live Reading (director)
  • 12/08: Lebendig Live Show Last show of 2018 (camera operator)
  • 12/28: Balu Live Show Last show of 2018 (camera operator)

Web development related projects:

I can't give a list of all projects, because there are way too many. Here are some highlights.

  • Finished videowall software for HIT RADIO FFH and planet radio
  • Bachelor of Science - media informatics
  • Automatic mixing video signals for visual highlight cuts of the radio program at HIT RADIO FFH and planet radio
  • Creating a DAB+ image slideshow for HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio and